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Murray Sampson

Murray Sampson

Nationality: Scottish
Languages: English and Spanish


  • Kiteboarding since 1999
  • KiteBoarding Instructor since Nov 2000
  • Windsurfing since 1980 years.
  • Windsurfing Instructor 14 years.
  • Catamaran sailing in Greece 4 years.
  • Ski and Snowboard Instructor 6 years.
  • Parapenting 4 years.
  • Wakeboard Instructor 2 years.
  • Level 2 I.K.O Senior Instructor
  • Cabrinha kites - RRD boards - Mystic harness

    Murray has been running his school since Nov 2000 under the I.K.O system and he has gained endless experience in teaching and running fun kitesurf courses.
    Murray and his team of Instructors will adapt to your style for quick, safe and easy learning and are all ready to help you with any kitesurf quiery that you may have.

Maria Alejandra Gonzales

Nationality: Venezuela
Languages: Spanish, English

Phone 0412 352 6582
Skype marylaluna75

  • I.K.O Level 1 Instructor since 2009
  • Kitesurfing since 2008
  • Teaching since 2005

    Favorite trick...Unhooked Railey to blind surface Pass.

    Quote..Enjoy Life,Good vibrations and Enjoy life)

Adriana Sampson

Adriana Sampson

M.X Team Rider
Kitesurfing since..2010
Loves slalom racing
Best results in 2012 Wild Winds Pro/Am
2nd place slalom
3rd place long Distance
3rd place Freestyle

Cabrinha kites - RRD boards - Mystic harness

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