Prices 2013

For information regarding Prices of services contact us by E-mail on contact page

Classes   8 hours (4 x 2h)    
Max 3 per instructor   12 hours (6 x 2h)    
Includes Headzone Radio Helmets   16 hours (8 x 2h)    
    20 hours (10 x 2h)    
Private   1 class x 2 hours    

Supervision In Boat   8 hours with personal equipment    
Max 4 per instructor   12 hours with personal equipment    
  16 hours with personal equipment    

Boat Trips   8 hours with personal equipment    
 Independant Riders Only   12 hours with personal equipment    
 Max 5 per instructor   16 hours with personal equipment    

Without rescue service   1 Day & Night    
from center   1 Week    
With rescue service from   1 Day & Night    
center   1 Week    

HEADZONE EQUIPMENT - For more information please click here

Storage includes air compressor, assistance to launch in front of MX centre, fresh water and drying area.

Course also include equipment, boat trips and rescues. Supervision only includes top tips, boat trips and rescues. Boat Trips only include the trip to kite beach and rescue.


If a person buy's storage with no rescue, then on arrival needs rescue then they will pay a fixed price per rescue.

Weekly Coche Trips
Every week Margarita Xtreme take a trip to the flat waters of Coche Island. Click here to find out more info.
Rental Prices 2012
Complete    1 Full day - 9am to 5pm    
(Kite and Board)   1 week - 7 days    
    2 weeks - 14 days    
Board only   1 day - 9am to 5pm    
No insurance needed   1 week - 7 days    
see policy below        
Kite only   1 day - 9am to 5pm    
Insurance needed   1 week - 7 days    
see policy below        
Insurance   1 day    
    1 week    
Insurance Policy

The insurance does NOT cover the BOARD. Clients who are hiring are fully responsible for the board.

If they lose it they will be asked to pay full price to replace the board..on site..

Everyone that would like to hire equipment from MX kite center must provide us with a valid Kiteboarding independent certificate(international certificates are accepted ie..IKO,PASA etc etc. If they don't have one then we can test them here for an extra cost. (includes boat trip for 2 hours and certificate) which if they pass we will sign an IKO level 3 card for them on site(this kiteboarders card will be accepted Worldwide). If they don't have the appropiate level we would discuss on site with them what is the best service to take.

If they have already paid for hire we can exchange the cost of hire to any of the services as long as it is within the price of the hire they origionally paid..if it's more they will have to pay the excess on site.

No Wind Alternatives
    Beginner - 20 minutes  
    Pro - 15 minutes  
    1 x Kayak - 1 hour  
    2 x Kayak - 1 hour  
 Boogey Boards      
    1 x Board - 1 hour  
    2 x Board - 1 hour  
 SUP boards      
    1 x SUP Board - 1 hour  
    2 x SUP Board - 1 hour  

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