Margarita Island just off the North Coast of Venezuela which has some of the most spectacular Coastlines in the world, high mountains, enormous water falls, vast deserts and above all lot's of beaches with all year round continuos wind, therefore Margarita island has become a kitesurfing paradise in the last few years,and more and more are being discovered every year!!!

In the year 2000 you would be able to count all the kitesurfers on one hand, now don't bother to start counting. But in saying that El Yaque beach, famous for it's wind has one of the largest practice areas that we know of. The area is offshore and downwind of our very own "Kite Beach"

The sea is generally flat on the inside and choppy to medium swell on the outside. The beach is small but well organized for a quick and safe launch with chrosshore and offshore wind. Margarita Island has a unique wind effect funneling strong winds over the South side of the island where you will find El Yaque Beach which is famous for being called a Wind Machine.

The weather is generally sunny and windy all year round with a few weeks through September to Mid December when you may see some rain. Temperatures range from 25 degrees (winter) to 35 degrees (summer), never too hot and never too cold Just Paradise.

The wind is generally stronger between the months of January to June and slows down a little for the rest of the year but still perfect for kitesurfing. You will find, because of the strong wind in the afternoon that if you may need a shorty wetsuit especially for women between February to May, who feel the cold the water temperature ranges between 21 to 26 degrees, not much too worry about.

Margarita also offers spectacular Mountain Scenery. You can try your hiking skills out with a guide to take you through jungle and water falls finding snakes, spiders, monkeys, wild pineapples, bananas and many more surprises!

Other trips we can also organize range from...
  • Scuba Diving
  • Jeep Safari (desert)
  • Surfing
  • Micro lighting
  • Deep sea Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Kite Safaris (Coche and Cubagua and many more...
    see kite safaris page)

    So don't miss the chance of the Margarita Experience, with it`s charm and friendly people. You will fall in love with this island instantly. See you here!!!

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