Margarita Xtreme Kite Center offers a full range of teaching and high-performance kites from Cabrinha. We believe strongly in using Low to Medium aspect kites to insure you gain sufficient experience before moving upto high performance kites. You will find our kites easy to use and to re-launch but still have enough power for you to progress. All kites are Bow design.
Cabrinha Kites

Vector........5.0m,7.0m,9.0m and 11.0m
Switchblades...7.0m,8,0m,9.0m and 10.0m


We have a selection of twin tips to choose from. We will give you a bigger board to start with to make it easier to stand up the 1st time then we will pass you onto smaller twin tips as and when your level improves.

M.X center use Go-Joes for easy recovery of board and learning to Bodydrag. All boards are equipped with a Go Joe for your class.

Chopsticks.....New Freestyle Pro
XO Caliber.....New Women's Freestyle
Wakeskate....Skateboard Style (Strapless)
S Quad.........Surf
SUP..............Stand Up Paddle
Headzone MArgarita Xtreme For more info on the Headzone Radio Helmets click here..



During your course you will be provided with safety gear. If you have your own safety clothing we advise you to bring it along ...i.e helmet, float jacket and harness for safer kitesurfing.

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